Oxfordshire's only Open Access Fine Art print studio

INTAGLIO: Two Rochat copper plate etching presses (bed sizes 32"x65" and 26"x48"). Mobile etching press for outreach work, size 16"x24". We use these for printing etching, engraving, drypoint, monoprint and collagraph plates. Aquatint booth, and fume cupboard for biting plates.

RELIEF: An 1828 Albion relief press, (platen size 33"x22") Two nipping presses (platen sizes 21"x16" and 15"x10").

LITHO: Furnival direct litho press, bed size 33"x22" and some stones. We also have Photolitho plates in stock. We tend not to use normal litho plates as they are affected by uneven temperatures in winter, and most of the chemicals for processing plates.

SCREEN: Adelco vacuum bed, size 30"x40"; vacuum area is 20"x30", plus a number of clamp boards and some screens stretched with 120 monofilament polyester. Washout area with a pressure washer for cleaning screens.

DARKROOM: Darkroom to provide back up facilities for photoetch and photoscreen, with a Kippax ultraviolet exposure unit.

MATERIALS: The workshop carries the following in stock: copper, jet plate, neg. jet and roofing zinc for etching; photolitho plates, some stones, Toray plate, lino, acrylic plate for monoprint.

Inks are available for workshop use, print papers are for sale. Grounds for traditional or safe etching are available. Screens can be hired but members tend to bring their own screen ink, we use water based systems and Rowney Acrylic System 3 or Galleria Acrylic paints are suitable for printing with. We supply Lascaux paste for mixing with the paint. We have photo emulsions for screens. We also sell Truegrain drafting film for making drawn positives for screen. Basic tools can be borrowed from the workshop, but eventually most members buy their own tools if doing a lot of printmaking.

Suppliers can be recommended, we have catalogues available and a print supply database.



The Christadelphian Church Hall,

Tyndale Road, Oxford, OX4 1JL

Enquiries: 01865 726472

Email: oxfordprintmakers@hotmail.co.uk

Open and staffed part time with technicians:

Catriona Brodribb or Morna Rhys:

Saturdays 11am–5pm,

Mondays  4–8 pm,

Tuesdays 10.30–6.30 pm.